Commonly Asked Questions

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Q: Do you make all of the soap yourself?

Q: What are your ingredients?

Q: How does the goat milk get used to make soap?

Q: How much goat milk is in the soaps?

Q: Are your soaps moisturizing?

Q: What is the difference between your 'essential oil' and 'fragrance oil' scents?

Q: How are your soaps different than commercial bars?

Q: Can I use this on my body, or is it just a hand soap?

Q: Do you carve this soap?

Q: Which bar would you recommend for sensitive skin?

Q: Where are you located?

Q: Where can I find your soaps?

Q: Do you teach soapmaking classes?

Q: Do you take custom orders?

Q: How does a solid hand lotion work?

Q: Is there SPF in your lip butters?